There are many ways to decorate an inground pool. I decided to compile a list of 11 ideas (not all included in the video) that you might consider for improving the appearance of your backyard ‘poolscape.

Remember that the following ideas are¬†ideas and¬†suggestions. They are not a prerequisite to having a beautiful backyard pool. It’s better to have a pool you don’t like than a pool with all the options you want.

Coloured pool finish

Considering concrete or fibreglass, white pools have become the new dinosaurs. And I say goodbye. Research has shown that colour can affect how we feel and think. Some colours can be calming, while others can help us remember details or concentrate. No more boring, white pools! Pools look more natural and inviting when they are adorned with colour. You can transform your pool area into a Caribbean paradise by choosing the right colours. Colour can enhance the water’s clarity, add borders and tiles to create interesting accents, or improve safety by making certain features more prominent.

Separate Coping Colour

The attached video shows how a separate border can be placed around an inground swimming pool. It not only defines the shape but also adds visual interest. There are many ways to create borders around fibreglass swimming pools. The most popular is an 18-inch stamped concrete border with extra cuts.

Decorative Patio

Pavers and stamped concrete are the most popular ways homeowners decorate their pool patios. But there are many other options, such as bluestone or CoolDeck/Spray Deck.

Gravel between Fence and Pool

The homeowner placed white gravel between the fence & the pool. This allows for a seamless transition and requires very little maintenance.

Dress up the Fence

Black aluminium with brick pillars looks very nice, as you can see in the video. Although it is very costly, the elegant look it gives to your backyard is well worth the investment.

Arched Gate

This one is a great match for brick pillars. However, an arched gate adds an interesting touch to the fence.


The homeowner in this video did a great job planting around his pool, particularly in the pathways leading to it. Plantings can transform a backyard’s appearance correctly and with the right selection.

Water Features

Although water features are not shown in the video, it is one of the most important elements that can impact your backyard/swimming area experience. Simple waterfalls have a tranquil and relaxing effect on the pool area.

Multiple Seating Elevations

The attached video shows how the homeowner created a composite deck with multiple levels that overlooks the pool. Landscape blocks can make steps, benches, and other features.

Design your patio

This video shows how the homeowners did a great job. They also put an arch into the concrete opposite to the arch in Moroccan (fibreglass pool from Leisure), accentuating its shape and giving the backyard a classic feel.

Landscape Lighting

We regret that we could not capture a night-time video of the pool, as all the landscape lighting has a wonderful effect on the backyard’s atmosphere at night.

This video and list of ideas will help you improve the appearance of your backyard pool. You can leave comments or questions below.


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