You’ve probably seen a huge, stunning water fountain in Vegas. They are visual shows that capture attention with their shapes, lighting and synchronization with music.

You might be interested in water fountains for your backyard pool.

Although they might never reach the height and visual complexity of the big jet in front of the Bellagio, there are still tons of high-quality fountains that you can choose from on Amazon or through dedicated pool-supply outlets.

There are so many choices. How do you make a decision?

You’re in the right place. Let’s look at the most beautiful and efficient swimming pool fountains available today.

Send us a picture if you purchase one for your River Pools fiberglass swimming pool. Your fountain setup will be featured in our gallery.

Swimline Floating Fountain (Blossom)

  • Average customer review: 3.9 stars ( Get it on Amazon ).
  • Style: Floating (not attached to pool walls)
  • Pump: Connects to return jets
  • Size: 10 by 11 by 8 inches
  • Neat features: Three-tier sprays
  • Maximum fountain water height: 17 feet
  • Cost: $115

That’s one bad boy. It is impossible to miss. It hovers in the middle of your pool, spraying water out like you’re waiting at a fancy resort for a Mai Tai. According to the manufacturer, it can be connected to your return jet pipes using pliers, and it will make it rain at your pool party.

The Swimline bloom fountain is a popular choice for customers. The fountain works in both above-ground and inground pools. Some buyers even used it to add a little sparkle to a family member’s wedding. Many reviews will advise you to ignore negative feedback. A bad experience is 20 times more likely than a positive experience.

Alpine 48-LED Floating Spray fountain

  • Average customer review: 3.9 stars (Amazon).
  • Style: Floating (not attached to pool walls)
  • Pump: includes
  • Size: 12 by 12 by 6 inches
  • Neat features: 48 LED lights, red / white/blue
  • Maximum fountain water height: 3 feet
  • Cost: $125

These all-in-ones, lighted floating fountains will make your backyard a unique place to spend the night. The fountain comes with a pump that can pump 550 gallons per hour. However, many reviews indicate the need to replace the default pump quickly. A more powerful pump can increase the fountain’s spray height. One reviewer used a 1,600-gallon-per-hour pump to spray the fountain up to six feet.

Alpine’s fountain features 48 LEDs around the central fountain jets. These can be programmed to change between red, blue, or white. This is a great way to celebrate Independence Day (or show your aquatic patriotism), but others might prefer more options and color-changing settings.

Swimline Grecian Triple Tier Fountain

  • Average customer review: 3.8 Stars.
  • Style: Floating (not attached to pool walls)
  • Pump: Connects to return jets
  • Size: 12 by 12 by 12 by 8 inches
  • Nice features: Three-tier sprays
  • Maximum fountain water height: 16 feet
  • Cost: $59

Swimline offers a variety of floating fountains. This one functions very similarly to the bloom design but is much more affordable! Both fountains can be used in the same pool, so it is just a matter of choosing which one you prefer. While you may prefer the simpler blossom design, this fountain is slightly more elegant. However, two Blossom fountains are available for the same price.

Watership Waterfall Pool Fountain

  • Average customer review: 3.8 stars 
  • Style: Well-connected tubing
  • Pump: Connects to return jets
  • Size: 14 by 5 by 3 by 3 inches
  • Neat features: Reverse waterfall, cascade style
  • Maximum fountain water height: 14 feet
  • Cost: $22

For a few reasons, this fountain is very popular. It won’t interfere with swimming or playing time by floating in your pool. It’s easy to attach to your return jet fittings as long as they are 1.5 inches. It is easy to use, inexpensive and can add to the atmosphere of a pool party.

It does, however, look quite cheap. You can’t expect top-of-the-line gear for less than $20. You might be able to dress it up if you are skilled with waterproof materials. But it is a tube that you attach to another tube at the side of your pool.

Aqua Select Three Tier Grey Rock Fountain

  • Average customer review: 3.5 Stars 
  • Style: Floating (not attached to pool walls)
  • Pump: Connects to return jets
  • Size: 10 by 11 by 8 inches
  • Nice features: Three-tier sprays…from a rock
  • Maximum fountain water height: 16 feet
  • Cost: $49

The Aqua Select fountain is a great fit for specific pool aesthetics. If a rock floating in your pool makes sense, then this fountain could be your new favorite pool toy. It is less expensive than other options and seems to have the same functionality. However, this fountain is a floating rock that may not suit modern backyards.

There are mixed reviews about the Aqua Select pool fountain. Although the Aqua Select pool fountain is affordable and easy to assemble, the hose that connects the return jets to the fountain seems to be a little cheap and can easily kink. It might be worth investing in a high-quality connecting hose.

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