Everything is now online. Let’s face the facts. COVID-19 has made it difficult for the world to adjust to the virus’s social changes. Certified Pool Operator Courses don’t differ. Pool Training Academy has also adapted and now offers a fully approved and verified online CPO(r). Some people are reluctant to enrol in a traditional classroom-based course. We want to discuss the advantages of taking a CPO(r) Course online at Pool Training Academy. We’ll be discussing the following:

  • The Advantages of a Fully Online CPO(r) Course
  • Fully verified by The National Swimming Pool Foundation
  • Taught by The Most Highly-Awarded CPO(r), Instructors In The Country
  • Video Content Professionally Produced
  • A User-Friendly Platform for Beginners
  • Engaging
  • Convenient: Take the Class From Your Office Or Home
  • Extremely Affordable for Students – $275 per Student

Get certified today with the best 100% online Certified Pool Operator (CPO) Course

The online Certified Pool Operator Course from Pool Training Academy makes it easy to become a CPO(r). This engaging online Course has been fully approved and verified by The National Swimming Pool Foundation (now known as The Pool and Hot Tub Alliance). It is recognized in all 50 US states. This fully online CPO (r) class is taught by the most well-respected CPO(r), the Instructor team. It comes in a professionally-produced program package that is user-friendly, engaging, and user-friendly. You can view the video series anywhere you have internet access, including your office. The best part is that the Online CPO(r), Pool Training Academy, Course costs only $275 per Student.

Why choose a fully online CPO(r) Course from Pool Training Academy?

The online Certified Pool Operator course at Pool Training Academy makes getting your CPO(r) easy. We provide everything you need to pass the CPO exam. After you sign up, choose your exam date and receive a digital and printed copy of the Pool Operator’s Handbook. You will also receive a copy of Pool Training Academy’s Math Workbook and access to Pool Training Academy’s exclusive CPO(r). video education series. After watching the educational video series, you will meet with an award-winning instructor via Zoom to take your exam. The exam can be taken online and is open to all. Your instructor can provide guidance. After passing the exam successfully, your CPO(r), Certification will be sent to you via email. This is 100% online.

Fully verified by The National Swimming Pool Foundation

The National Swimming Pool Foundation, now The Pool And Hot Tub Alliance, has offered CPO(r), Certification programs for more than 40 years. Pool Training Academy’s instructors have been certified pool instructors(r) by the PHTA. The PHTA certification ensures that the pool training academy’s fully online CPO(r), Certification class is recognized by all 50 state governments and health agencies in over 100 countries.

Get your CPO(r), Certification from the Most Reputable Instructors in America

Our pool instructors are certified by the NSPF (now PHTA(r)) and are among the most highly trained in the country. Pool Training Academy’s instructors have been honored by the National Swimming Pool Foundation (Now PHTA) for 6 consecutive years as the best in the United States. They proudly hold more pool education companies around the globe than any other.

An Online CPO(r), Professionally Produced, Simple To Use, Highly Engaging Course

Our CPO(r), the best online Course, is our signature. The educational materials were created to be simple, easy to understand, and, most importantly, fun. The video series was created by a licensed professional educator in the state and has received an award for her education.

The fully online Pool Training Academy CPO(r) Course is extremely simple to use and access, even for people who have struggled with technology in the past. If you have any questions, technical support will be available.

Get Certified as a CPO(r) at Your Own Pace, No MatterĀ 

The online Certified Pool Operator (r) course from Pool Training Academy differs from other online CPOs (r). You can view the video series at your pace and in your own time. Thanks to this flexible and self-paced learning approach, you can control your CPO(r).

The Best Fully Online CPO(r), Class

We at Pool Training Academy understand that times have changed and are happy to offer this online CPO(r) Class for a very affordable $275 per Student. This includes access to Pool Training Academy’s online education series, a digital and physical copy of the Pool Operator’s handbook, the Pool Math Workbook, the full online CPO(r), and all fees related to processing your Certification.

Trust Pool Training Academy with Your OnlineĀ 

Pool Training Academy makes it easy to obtain your CPO(r), Certification through the 100% online class. Our online CPO(r) class is fully certified, professionally produced, engaging, and user-friendly. It is also affordable. An online CPO(r) Course is an excellent choice, regardless of where you are located in the United States. Register now to get started!

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