You can use a swimming pool for Pleasure, beauty, or exercise. An indoor swimming pool can help you to relax and keep your health in check. Nitin Kumar, a swimming pool expert, lists some factors you should consider before building a pool.

1. Use: Determine the purpose of the pool. For the latter, a lap pool is preferable. Consider including a play area if children will use the pool. The depth should not exceed 1.5 feet. Adults can use the pool up to 4 feet. An air bubble system enhances the fun factor. A hot water pool is a better option for people with arthritis. It would cost between 2.5 and 3 lakhs INR.

2 Space needed: A swimming pool with a maximum of 150-200 sq. feet (water area) can be constructed. However, a smaller pool can be built on an area of 500 sq. feet.

3. Types There is a choice of two types of swimming pools: readymade or constructed. The cost of a basic swimming pool construction is approximately 1 to 2.5 million INR. There are three types of pools: an overflow pool, a non-overflow/chimer swimming pool, and an endless pool.

4. Two types of pools are Pleasure or exercise. There are many options for the swimming pool: hot water pool, rain shower design, and counter-current swimming pool.

Accessories There are many accessories on the market. There are many types of steps that allow you to get in and out of the pool. You can also use colorful LED lights. This allows the pool to glow. This would give the pool a nice feeling at night.

6. tiles: tiles seal the pool. There are many colors available, but blue is the most popular. This is why glass mosaic tiles are so useful. To prevent leakage, waterproof tiles before installing them. Swimming pool tiles cost between 75 and 300 INR per square foot.


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