Although hot summers can be difficult for residents, they can also be a boon to many businesses, such as swimming pool cleaning services. These businesses can be run by one person and have low startup costs. They also offer good earning potential, provided that a solid client base is established. Talk to pool supply store owners or other related businesses to learn more about business trends in your local area, like new pool construction.


Get the equipment you need to manage your swimming pool service company. Basic equipment includes poles that can be used with either a vacuum or skimmer attachment, vacuum hoses and pH balance testing kits. If you don’t already have one, you will need one to transport materials. According to “Entrepreneur”, the startup cost for a pool cleaning business was approximately $2,000 in 2011.


Ask your local health department about certification for cleaning public pools. Although the certification process will require fees, it could open public pools up as a potential source of revenue.


Your pool cleaning service should have a set of pay rates. The average pool service rate is $40-$60 per week, depending on the size of the pool. Larger pools or condominiums may have higher rates. Additional services can help you make more money. You could charge $100-200 to open or close a pool for a season.


Contact potential clients to build your business and let them know about your service. These can be homeowners with a pool or private residences that require maintenance for their patrons. You can leave your business cards at the pool supply shops or the offices of pool builders if you have them.


To plan which pools you will be servicing at what time each week, create driving routes. This is crucial as it can significantly impact how much you make from your swimming pool service business. A pool service professional can clean and repair up to three pools per hour if they have the right routing and cleaning times.

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