What do you do if your yard is small enough to allow a swimming pool? You had only two choices in years past.

Perhaps you were fortunate enough to meet someone with a pool willing to let you take a dip. In most cases, however — and I speak from personal experience — you had to go to the local pool to swim with random strangers and their children while trying not to think about the pee floating around.

These days, there are many more options. We’ll be discussing some of the smaller options available for backyards with spas, hot tubs and plunge pools.

Hot tubs and spas are becoming increasingly popular in backyards of all sizes, especially in colder climates that require you to heat up rather than cool down.

We offer two options for spa add-ons. The RS08 or SS08 holds slightly less than 900 gallons in approximately 72 to 80 feet (8 by 8, or 9 by 9). Spas don’t have to be heated all the time. Spas can sometimes double as a cocktail or spool pool.

Here’s a brief overview of cocktail bars and spools

What’s a cocktail pool

To read the complete overview of the cocktail pool, you can click on the link at the end. It’s a small pool. The term “Spool” refers to cocktail pools with more traditional spa features. However, in many cases, the terms can be interchanged.

We prefer “cocktail pool” over “spool” because it doesn’t sound like something grandma might have at the sewing table.

You can get heated jets in cocktail pools, making them more like hot tubs or spas.

You can also have bench seating.

They can be placed aboveground, semi-inground or inground.

You can have them as a part of a larger patio or pool area, or they can be the focal point of a smaller backyard.

These pools can offer almost every feature that you would expect from a full-sized swimming pool in a smaller footprint.

Cocktail pools are, however, prone to being shallow.

Here are the plunge pools.

What is a Plunge Pool?

A plunge pool is the simplest type of pool. You can “plunge” into a pool, but it’s smaller than a normal pool. A cocktail pool might be three to four feet deep. A plunge pool can be as deep as six feet, but it is possible to go deeper if necessary. However, most plunge pools are between four and five feet in depth.

Many people enjoy sitting in spools or cocktail pools. Many people will enjoy an occasional drink in their pool… hence the name.

Plunge pools are intended to be more active.

To do aqua exercises, you can even stand in a pool and do cannonballs into deeper pools.

This is a compromise between a spa, cocktail pool or full-size pool. However, there are no hard and fast rules regarding the dimensions of any of these types.

These terms are often used interchangeably. Plunge pools can sometimes be mixed with infinity pools. Although it is possible to build a pool with an infinite edge, this can increase the cost of your project.

Some pool builders may call the R20 model cocktail pool. You could also consider it a plunge pool as it is deep enough to allow water aerobics or light horseplay. The R20 is a small but fully-featured pool. This pool is a great choice for smaller backyards, regardless of your name.

Knowing what you can and want to put in your backyard is important.

Some Olympic swimmers use this functionality, but it is accessible to all who know how to swim aerobically.

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