Nothing could be more relaxing than spending a lazy afternoon at your backyard pool.

What about relaxing in the pool and then enjoying a warm evening by the fire pit at the pool?

Consider this as a reason to add a fire pit to your backyard decor: Without fire, we wouldn’t exist.

The most memorable memories in our lives can be created or triggered by the fire. Warming up with a friend, roasting marshmallows with family members and friends, and snuggling by the fire with loved ones. Combining your backyard pool and a fire pit can transform lives.

We will also examine fire from a deeper perspective to help you understand why humans are so connected to fire and how psychology can be used to create better memories around the fire pit.

Why people love fire

Ever Wondered Why We’re so Attracted to Fire? You are not the only one. After spending a few unforgettable evenings by my poolside fire pit, it was time to research. Here’s what I found…

Water is essential for human survival, but fire is what makes us human. Fire is fundamental to our existence, and Darwin considered it one of the most significant breakthroughs in human history.

Early humans had control over their fires, which allowed them to cook food with less effort.

Instead of hunting prey and gathering plants for food all day, humans could gather around their fires to share stories (Darwin believed language was the second most significant human breakthrough), create better tools, and develop civilizations… basically, to be the dominant species on Earth.

Fire is a powerful emotion because we require fire to be truly human.

You now have another story to tell people when you gather around your poolside fire pit.

A fire pit is a great addition to your patio or backyard.

Compliance (the legal stuff) and codes for fire pits

It may not be legal to have a fire pit in your yard. It would be a disaster to put in the fire pit you want, only for someone to pull up a few days later and tell you that it must go or face a penalty.

How do you find out if you are allowed to use a firepit? Are you restricted to using certain types of firepits? Will you be required to use certain types of fire pits?

Check out your local laws, regulations and ordinances.

There is no universal fire pit code. Northern California properties may have a greater restriction on outdoor fires than homes in rural Arkansas.

Google is the best place to search for relevant local codes.

You can search for “fire pit regulations” or “fire code,” then follow up with your county or state. It would be best to not use quotation marks in any Google search recommendations you see. Google will only search for the words you have quoted in the order they were quoted.

River Pools, for example, is located in Warsaw, Virginia. Warsaw follows the building and fire codes established by Richmond County and, more generally, the state of Virginia.

It can be difficult to find codes relevant for Warsaw or Richmond County. It’s not easy for smaller local governments to use the internet. It would be best if you did not search Google for legitimate information. Instead, call your local building authority.

You can use terms such as “building codes”, “fire pit regulations”, or “fire marshal” to find the appropriate authorities. Include your county and state. Although the fire marshal/fire department might be the most helpful authority, they should know where to find them.

You can reach out to officials and ask for further information. This will give you a good starting point for the rest of the fire pit journey.

Professional installation may be required for certain styles or types of firepits, especially if you are building an in-ground fire pit or a natural gas firepit. You should contact a plumber if you have made enough progress to determine which types of pets you want for your backyard project.

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