You know how important it can be to maintain a clean pool. It can quickly become an eyesore if you don’t maintain your pool regularly.

But who has the time?

Today’s pool owners have it much easier than ever. Robotic pool cleaners can automate many of the tedious tasks of pool maintenance, saving you time and frustration each week.

While robotic pool cleaners are a great help, choosing the right one for you can quickly become a headache. Many models are available, all at different prices and with different functions.

We have compiled this list of the top robotic pool cleaners available today. To help you pick the best auto-vac to clean your pool no matter how it looks, we’ll consider price, features and durability.

Ideal for above-ground swimming pools.

  • Price range: $499
  • Average customer review: with 4.6 stars
  • Maximum pool length 30 feet
  • Cleaning time/cycle 1.5 Hours
  • Filter type(s): Mesh basket (reusable)
  • Cleans walls and waterline
  • Smart device connectivity: None

The most widely-used auto-vac on the market is the Dolphin pool cleaner. They have something for everyone, even owners with above-ground pools. The E10 can clean above-ground pools up to 30 feet in about a quarter. However, it will not work on pool walls because this ‘bot is only made for flat-bottomed floors.

Although it is a little more expensive for an above-ground swimming pool, you should consider how much time you will save by not having to clean the pool floor.

Best for smaller flat-bottomed pools: OT QOMOTOP

  • Price range: $349
  • Average customer review: Rating: 4.5 Stars
  • Maximum pool length 40ft
  • Cleaning time/cycle 1.5 Hours
  • Filter type(s), Mesh tray (reusable),
  • Cleans walls and waterline
  • Smart device connectivity: No

The unpronounceable title of this little machine can be considered a budget option for owners of smaller, flat-bottomed pools. The machine can vacuum up to 860 square footage of the pool floor. It works best if the floor is not steeper than 15 degrees and no deeper than 6.6 inches. Eight hundred square feet would be needed to vacuum a 40×20 foot square pool with a flat floor. Most square pools don’t have complex features and should be easily accessible by the QOMOTOP.

The cleaner is cordless and can run for up to 90 min on a 5,000-mAh lithium battery. You can also retrieve it from your pool floor with the attached tow rope.

Hayward 2025ADC PoolVacXL is the best for concrete pools.

  • Price range: $309 – $529
  • Average customer review: Rating: 4.4 Stars
  • Maximum pool length 40ft
  • Cleaning time/cycle Unknown
  • Type(s) of filter: Connects with pool filter
  • Cleans walls and waterline
  • Smart device connectivity: No

Hayward’s PoolVac XL robotic pool cleaner is specifically designed for concrete pools. The strong suction it produces can reach into concrete crevices, making it particularly useful for pebble-tec pool owners. This Hayward pool cleaner cannot be used on any other type of pool. However, a PoolVac model for vinyl liners is relatively affordable at $309.

Our Pool Type Selector quiz is a great way to start your search for the right tool for you. This will help you determine your next steps as a pool buyer in just a few easy clicks. To start your quiz, click the button below.

Ideal for larger pools Polaris F9550 Sport

  • Price range: $1199
  • Average customer review: Rating: 4.2 Stars
  • Maximum pool length 60ft
  • Cleaning time/cycle Unknown
  • Filter type(s): Mesh canister (reusable)
  • Cleans walls and waterline
  • Smart device connectivity: Companion remote + caddy

The longest cord of any robot cleaner on the market is the Polaris F9 (there are also F9350 and F9450 models, but they do not offer significantly lower prices). It can clean large backyard pools. The built-in remote control functions allow it to run for up to a week without you having to touch it. Not until the filter container gets full. In which case, you will be notified via remote control.

The corded auto-vacs are easier to use than the rechargeable cordless robot cleaners. However, rechargeable cleaners must be able to find their charging ports and plugin. It’s, therefore, easier to recommend an auto-vac with cords, such as this Polaris pool cleaner, for larger pools.

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